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Bye Bye Microsoft

Just a few minutes ago, my manager and I announced to the team that I would be leaving Microsoft..  here’s the email   After 20+ years at Microsoft, Cyra has decided to chart a new course outside of Microsoft. I can’t hope to outline ...Read More

Learning learning

“What do you mean you’re ‘teaching him to read by having him read’?!?” At the time, Jeremy was just learning to read and was having a little trouble.  He was working hard, but they were not teaching him any sub-lexical (phonemes or letter sounds) ...Read More

MSDN Home and Hub Beta 2

Version 2 of the MSDN Home and Hub gave us the opportunity to improve some of the videos, but to really focus on the professional developers that were focused on staying up to date – rather than on-boarding or cross boarding.  The MSDN News ...Read More