Bye Bye Microsoft

Just a few minutes ago, my manager and I announced to the team that I would be leaving Microsoft..  here’s the email


After 20+ years at Microsoft, Cyra has decided to chart a new course outside of Microsoft. I can’t hope to outline all the accomplishments and achievements that Cyra has contributed to Microsoft during her time at the company, but within EPX her relentless passion to do right for the developer, her leadership on simplifying and organizing concepts for the developer, and her design guidance have dramatically changed how the company and developers think about MSDN and the importance of it. Her leadership and passion will be greatly missed. I wish Cyra well and much success in her new role and her last day at Microsoft is Sept 2nd. Here’s a few words from Cyra directly:

80’s Before coming to Microsoft, I had worked for a decade at startups writing statistical software, at RCA writing pricing systems in APL on mainframes, at the Library of Congress analyzing ARPANET packet data for security risks, at Avery International writing printer firmware and drivers in assembler.


90’s During that time I watch Microsoft with admiring eyes.  I loved their ROM BASIC and their FORTRAN compiler.  Their OS/2 developer’s kit was huge and the pre-emptive multitasking was so exciting.  The notion of working for a company that was clearly at the leading edge of the industry seemed out of reach for me.


Somehow MS saw some code that I wrote to do link list management using the Windows memory manager written in glockenspiel C++.  They flew me out and that began a journey that I could not have imagined.


2011 As I reflect on my time here, I recognize that I created/learned lots of APIs and been granted lots of patents.  I have traveled the world talking to customers about Microsoft.  However, the most important things to me are:· the impact that we made upon the world· the impact that I had in your lives· and most importantly the growth in me that you all made possible – both in tech and in life.You have all made this a journey that has changed and significantly enriched my life.Thank you all so much!

All the best Cyra,


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