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<originally posted Jan 5, 2010>

New Job

Just before the holiday break, I pitched an idea in a deck to Emma Williams, Nathalie Irvine and Simon Muzio.  The idea was that we have great opportunities to better engage our existing and potential customer base by taking some of the lessons already learned from the open source community and applying them in our businesses. Much to my surprise they said sure!  They added the MSDN magazine business, the Architect Journal, ASP.NET, Silverlight.NET, Windows Client.NET and a variety of other developer communication mechanisms to my charter.

So here I am a few days into the business, trying to figure out who everyone is, how to get my machine working and starting to build mind maps for each of these organizations.

The real challenge for me will be able to articulate an actionable plan for how we integrate some of the wisdom of community driven development and support into our products.  My hope is that I will be able to come to the folks that read this blog for complaints, information, suggestions, ideas, and emotional support.

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